Cosmic Rhythm—Harmony 

This is esoteric and not all will be able to understand or relate, however...

If you've ever felt like there is more, it's because you are experiencing a connection that you can't quite explain, well this is an attempt to try and explain what you are feeling.

There is a harmonious rhythm that flows throughout the universe; a rhythmic flow that can actually be felt if you slow down and become aware of what you're hearing. When I was about six, my sister, who was six year older than me, was teaching me to dance.  I asked, "How do you know which way to move?" and she said, "Feel the flow of the music and follow the direction it takes you."

When I focused on the music, I could feel it; it did seem to have direction and movement, and by focusing on the music, I was able to move to its flow. That's why ballroom dancers dip, turn and seem to do the same thing at the same time.  They may be following the same step pattern, but the dips, turns and other spontaneity is caused by the music's direction.

Sound hokey?  It isn't, but you have to be present and into the music. 

In the same manner, there is a direction, a flow that emanates from the cosmic center of the universe  

When I first joined the navy I was sent to a communications school, which was where I learned about vibrations and flow of energy—a flow that was not only measurable, but some of which was invisible, some could be seen, and some could be heard--and it all depended on its rate of vibration (the number of vibrations [cycles] per second).  All color, no matter what color, be it red, blue, green or puce, depended on a specific rate of vibration .  Same with audio—whether high pitch or low pitch depended on its frequency of vibration per second ("Frequency" is now called “hertz”). 

This can be seen clearly n music.  The note “A” above middle C, for example, vibrates at 440 hertz per second.  All other “A” note will be a harmonic of that.  (An harmonic is either a double multiple or divisible by half.  (For example, 440 X 2 = 880, and would be the next highest “A”.)

Debatably, this is supposed to be the most harmonious of all tones, but I just read that E above middle C, at 329.628 Hz, is.  I find this interesting because, as a musician and composer, my two favorite keys are both—E and A.  I find spiritual music seems to come more naturally using those keys, which makes me to wonder why so much music in old hymnals is in either Bb or Eb.  I have no answer, but a suspicion.

Now, let’s get confusing…if what I just stated above was an absolute, and there were no variables, then a guitar playing the note “A” would sound like a violin playing “A”, or a cello, or a flute or a flugelhorn.  We all know that isn’t the case.  Each instrument, every human voice, all sounds are variable, depending on what creates it, as depicted below—sound waves from two different sources.  Because they’re from different sources, they sound different. But when you look directly below—these are the same, yet different. They are in harmony, but have a different tonal sound source.



 There’s a rhythm throughout the universe. We’re all connected somehow, either positively or negatively.  We either flow in harmony or in opposition. We’re not only connected with each other, but we’re also connected with everything else, such as the one directly below, in which things are flowing along harmoniously.  Below that is jangled nerves—out of harmony with everything, including itself—vibration superimposed upon other vibrations.  The result is chaos.


The point is, there is a harmonious flow throughout the universe.  When we’re out of harmony with the natural flow of the universe, disharmony erupts and catastrophic events happen.  

At the present time our world is out of harmony with the universe. 

This harmony is also what puts different people on different sides of any issue.  The vibrations emanating from the mind harmonizes with those who think the way do.  That was made so abundantly clear in the US by the last election when republicans and democrats were depicted as either red or blue.