Of the Most High



I don't see how anyone can miss the absolutely horrible state of our world that is being experienced on so many fronts. And if anyone would take the time to observe, the fewer people being led by the Holy Spirit, the worse it gets.  Now there's probably no way to see this except in the exodus of what were once church-going preople from the churches they attended.

The why is obvious--even in relatively "true" or "good" churches, there is so much falsehood being taught; so much lukewarmness; so much belief rather than truth.  In addition the leaders don't trust what they teach.  For example, one denomination, in order to address the current exodus, hired outside firms that specialized in making companies grow and figured out solutions when they weren't.  I was disgusted and thought, "Have we even remotely considered offering the church to The Most High?"  How can we expect the followers to build faith in God if we don't have it? The reason we don't have faith anymore is rather interesting; it's because life has become too easy.  What we used to pray for, we no longer do.  We now rely one the governments, insurance companies or investments to provide. Gone is relying on God...in part because life has become too easy.

Well, that's changing...rapidly.

Our world needs a whole new way of thinking and an entirely new way (in this modern era) of looking at things and expecting results. Interestingly, everything we are now experiencing was prophesied by Yeshua--wrongly renamed by Christian leaders as, "Jesus."  I suspect Satan is still smiling about the misdirection he managed to lead us on that--that the people who follow the Messiah don't even know His real name.  The two words mean the same thing, but Jesus is Greek, while Yeshua is Aramaic, a form of Judaism.

But this only symbolizes what wrong, it's not the problem; the problem is cumulative.

Before going any further, everything I tell has been learned through experience.  And if you practice what I teach, everything will also be experience by you.


Last Easter (4/17/2022), we had a visitor to our church whom I had never been before.  As we were talking she told me that she was not a church goer, but that she had brought her friend who was in her 80s and who had recently lost her husband and was very lonely.  Her friend was a life-long Presbyterian.  Then she hastened to add that, though she, herself, didn't go to church, she was very spiritual. 

I understood exactly what she was saying because church is not nearly as important as spirituality.  "Spirituality" to me means walking close with God.  You can be religious without having any relationship with God...many are.    

For centuries Christianity was the fastest growing religion, but has now begun losing ground to two other beliefs: one is Islam and and the other is Atheism. 


Faith was very important when life was a struggle,  In today's world people don't think of God because their needs are met.  People no longer believe that, "God's gonna getcha!"  They no longer believe in an eternal hell of fire. (Nor do I, for that matter.)  It's also hard to believe that a loving God would demand His own Son be sacrificed for our sins.  That's barbaric even by human standards, which are often pretty low.  But there's far more too it than that, which we'll cover later.