The Kindred Spirit Connection
The Kindred Spirit Connection


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What is a Kindred Spirit and what is the Kindred Spirit Connection (KSC).

To me—and this is a term I coined twenty five, thirty years ago when I noticed that there seems to be a relationship between people and God. A relationship where people who pray or meditate, and are meditating to God, they seem to have a rapport; if they have a need—a spiritual need especially, if they have a need that need gets fulfilled…

Years ago I wanted to know, where is the story of Satan in the Bible? I had been looking for it, I couldn’t find it. So, one morning when I was meditating I lifted that up in prayer, “God where is this story?” Later that evening I was in a K-Mart store in the book section—and I’m not sure if this is the title of the book, but I think it was by Hal Lindsey, Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth. And in that book there was the story of the fall of Satan as it is laid out in the Bible, but it’s not one continuous story; it’s many verses scattered throughout the Bible taken from the Book of Revelation to the Book of Genesis, scattered throughout, but together they tell the an entire story.  That question got answered that night; most of them do.  That is what I call the Kindred Spirit Connection—you have a need, a desire—especially a spiritual one, it becomes answered, and fulfilled. And sometimes it’s people that help you; a person will just move into your life.  The Kindred Spirit Connection is totally spiritual. 

People do bond together by other means and they call themselves kindred spirits, they’re kindred spirits who like to go skiing together; kindred spirits who like to take their RVs and go camping together in different places. They’re kindred spirits, but they don’t have that kindred spirit connection with God, unless, of course, they are a Kindred Spirit with God; that’s the difference.

People (also) bond together mentally…a person with an IQ of say, 90, tends to bond together with people, their friends are people who have similar IQs, + or – 10 points; people with 120 IQ tend to bond together with people with 120 + or – 10 points; they just feel more comfortable; they’re on a similar (mental) range, but there’s other things that get involved in that, such as personal likes or dislikes.

Now people with an IQ of say 170, well they don’t have many people to bond with.  They’re not necessarily lonely though because they spend so much time in their mind; they solve things; they’re working on problems; they’re mentalists.

I hope that this answers some of the questions about what is a Kindred Spirit and what is the KSC. 

If you have any questions, ask me.  My name’s buck and my email is



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